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October 16, 2012
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     A young lady, looking anywhere from 16 to 21(to some males at least), had long, wavy locks of a rich, chocolaty brown. Her eyes were dark and mysterious; a perfect match of her personality. She's kind an adventurous, and has many special abilities. To name a few, she can manipulate beings to her will, teleport and control objects as well.

     She goes by the name Bianca; today she was wearing a beautiful scarlet red dress that dropped about halfway between her knees and hips, also encouraging her curvy figure. She was walking through the Indian jungles, looking for a very close someone in her life. The only thing off about her. . . love interest. . . is that he isn't human. Oh no, not at all.

     He is a creature of the very jungle she was walking in. His name is Kaa. He is a very long, reticulated rock python; no one knows just how long he is, but it is rumored he is 100 feet in length. . . or even longer.

     She hummed a sweet melody as she stepped over branches that fell from the trees around her, and she skipped along the rocks that peeked out of the river she was crossing over.

     Kaa, was resting about a mile ahead, in a huge tree that was definitely marked as his. No other animals came near him at all. Kaa. . .had a reputation. An unpleasant one. But to this girl who was coming to visit him. . . he was the nicest snake you would ever hear about.

     Bianca just jumped over the familiar log with the moss patch over it and ducked under a very thick and tall tree root. An excited grin formed on her face when she reached her destination. . .

     "Kaa! Wake up Sleepy-head, I'm here!"

     The serpent squinted his eyes open and moved his head around. "Mmm, oh. . .Bianca?"

     She giggled. "Yes, Silly!"

     The snake made his way down the tree and smiled at her. "Oh, why hellooooooo my dear." He sang.

     She blushed. "Hey." She hunched her right shoulder and tilted her head, a cute smile forming on her features.

     Kaa knew immediately what this meant. He waved his tail down from a branch and began wrapping the girl from ankle, up. "I'm ssssso glad you came today. I was sssso bored, I fell asssssleep, but sssomehow wassn't tired."

     She listened to him and spread her grin. "Good thing we have the entire afternoon then."

     Kaa chuckled and looked seductively at her. "I love you." His tail curled around her waist, as it continued its decent.

     "I love you too." She closed her eyes slowly and leaned her torso a bit forward.

     Kaa slithered his head toward her and his tongue flicked inside her lips, wrapping around her own, thick and human tongue.

     A deep burgundy colored blush rose to her cheeks as Kaa kissed her passionately.

     The coils were just around her lower ribs, still circling upward.

     After 10 blissful seconds, they parted and looked at each other sweetly. The coils Bianca felt around her were so comfortable and smooth; she never wished to leave him as Kaa flickered his tongue out, like any normal snake would.

     "I-I liked the tongue wrapping. Good idea." Bianca's blush deepened as Kaa snickered.

     "I wanted to ssssee if I could do it. Another new thing to add to our unique love." Kaa hissed seductively.

     Bianca giggled and her blush lightened up a bit. "Well you did a fantastic job."

     "Thank-you. . ."

     *     *     *     *     *

     When the sun was setting, Kaa gently set Bianca down on the ground again, after he and her talked in his tree and made-out the whole afternoon.

     He uncoiled her and she regained her footing. "Thanks for having my company, Kaa."

     "It'ssssssssssss no problem at all. . .Oh, and. . .I really like your dressss."

     She blushed yet again. "Thanks."

     Kaa saw her turn around then and walk away, hearing her hum a happy tune. The snake smiled lovingly, watching his true love head home. . . . .

                                       The End
A story request for :iconmewt66:
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that was very cute
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etaris333 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
Aww, wow...a love story between Kaa and a girl who is as hypnotic as he. I like it
mewt66 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Professional General Artist
i know and write 4 me he cool
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